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Nate Barnes

Nate Barnes

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Nate Barnes

About Nate Barnes

“Country music teaches you about life – about how to live, about how to be and about how to treat people. It made me feel things that I didn’t want to feel and that shifted my whole deal.It changed how I lived, how I thought and my whole perspective on life.”

They say storytellers are at their best when they write about what they know. Quartz Hill Records newcomer Nate Barnes is no exception. The young, blue-collar power plant worker writes and sings about the work and the everyday life he lived in the small town of South Haven, Michigan. Barnes sings about God, family, hard work, heartache, love, the simple life and its simple joys. He sings about getting by - and the blood, sweat and tears that get us there. The sincerity with which he sings the stories of every day, working-class Americans is genuine - because he’s one, too.

Barnes joined the workforce at just 13 years old, assisting at a youth camp. His work ethic was heavily-influenced by his mother who worked three jobs, as well as his stepfather who worked double duty at both the local power plant and on a nearby blueberry farm to make ends meet. By the age of 14, Barnes was working on roofs and building houses with his uncle. By 18, Barnes had followed in his stepfather’s footsteps, landing an entry level job at the power plant cleaning toilets and driving buses. He worked his way up through the ranks of manual labor - building scaffolding, pouring concrete, shoveling and digging trenches, laying pipelines, and performing mechanical maintenance for sometimes 14 hours a day, working in heavy suits and helmets, oftentimes in extreme cold or heat.

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